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Advanced Poker Training tool: how to use it

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Advanced Poker Training tool: how to use it

Advanced Poker Training (APT) is the best-known online tool, using which, a person can reach the level of Matt Berkey, one of the most famous “hyped” American Poker players. It is used by all, who like this card game, and the low stakes game available there, match beginners.

The simplest registration gives player access to the site options, but this access is limited. Only active players, who show their results, take part in the best real-money games and tournaments. Newbies take it as a “virtual teacher”).

Advanced Poker Training review

Advanced Poker Training is a unique tool that is created with the purpose to teach people a game during the game process and to help them solve problems connected with odds calculating. Combining practice and theory, future Poker champions learn the game ABC; they realize the most-often made mistakes, start taking decisions faster, widen their knowledge.

The free game is available as well as the paid version. As soon as the latter option is very attractive (under $20 a month with a Yearly plan chosen), even the beginners, who doubt that they can reach success, pick it. The everyday live tournaments are probably, the best offer here. Some users state that they choose APT for free webinars from professional Poker players. When any player leaves his Advanced Poker Training review, he also mentions Forum for all the users there.

How to use APT

To start using it, a person must register on the site, using email. Nothing more is required. Next time, he can log in using his name and password, check and compare his results, pick other options to learn more about Poker.

Recently Advanced Poker Training offered players its Combat Trainer — special approach to learn Poker best strategies and use them in a real game. Using it, a player can work out a variety of game situations and scenarios. Doing it, he will see the results of different possible decisions taken. Combat Trainer online substitutes months of a real-time game, it saves players time, money and nerves.

Other Poker Training tools

PoikerSnowie is another popular tool that helps players to learn everything that refers to Poker. Nevertheless, PokerSnowie vs Advanced Poker Training comparison shows that the APT resource is better as the low stakes are taken there.

The most serious gamblers use both tools to use pros that online Poker training gives the:

  • Convenient and fast access to Texas Hold’em variants;
  • Tournaments for free or for a low fee;
  • Possibility to use skills that a player gets using Advanced Poker Training, in real-time and later, take part in the world Poker tournaments.

No one free Poker application but APT can give so much information about this game and, at the same time, let the player use it.

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