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Texas Holdem Poker Strategies and Tips

Texas Holdem Poker Strategies. How to Win in This Game?

Today, in the vast majority of tournaments people play precisely Texas Holdem.

In this article, we will discuss the basic rules and best Texas Holdem poker strategies.

Rules on how to play Texas Holdem

  1. Each player receives two cards face down. These are pocket cards. They are also called hole cards. These are the only cards that the player receives individually. From these cards and community cards, which will be dealt out in the next rounds of the game, the player will play a combination or a poker hand. It should be noted that at the very beginning of the game, before the cards are dealt, the process of mandatory bets occurs. We will describe it in detail below;
  2. The situation when there are no community cards on the table, and the players have already received their pocket cards, is called pre-flop. At this stage, players make their first bets. There is also a chance that they will refuse to continue the game and fold if they see that their cards are not good enough. You can accept a bet made up to you or raise it if you feel like you have the right cards. If you raise a bet, the players either respond to it or refuse to play further. Then the bets are added to the bank and the next stage of the game begins – the flop;
  3. Flop – three common cards are laid out on the table. Now you can make a preliminary combination of cards using your pocket cards and community cards;
  4. Thorn – the fourth community card is laid out on the table. Using this card, players can improve their preliminary combination or stay at their previous combination if the new card did not fit. Another betting takes place;
  5. River – the fifth community card appears on the table. This is the last round of betting. Those players who stayed in the game open their cards and find out who won. A player with a stronger combination of cards takes the whole pot. If the combinations are equal in strength, the pot is divided between the players.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategies

There are two main directions of Holdem poker strategies – cash and tournament games. Each has its own characteristics, common and intermediate goals. There is also such thing as Ultimate Texas Holdem, where you only play with the live dealer.

The main variable here is the growth of blinds both in terms of volume and frequency of uplifts. Without going into details, it can be argued that the tournament tactics of playing poker is reduced to the drawing of strong starting hands.

The distinction between strategies depends on the type of a multi-table tournament (MTT) or SNG.

Playing at multiple tables at once, in a single tournament, aiming to merge the final stack into one window to reach the final part is not an easy task, and it noticeably narrows the number of maneuvers available to the player, since your attention is scattered. In such situations, it is convenient to use the calculated schemes of drawing the starting hands and blindly follow them.

Advanced Poker Strategies for Texas Holdem

Poker strategies Texas Holdem with a short stack (less than 40 BB)

This strategy is based on the understanding and mathematical justification of the fact that if the stack is small enough relative to the size of the blinds and the stakes, a positive result from the actions can be achieved even with a low probability of winning.

This situation is well described by a simple example: with a stack of $ 1 and a bank of $ 10, a hand with odds of winning 20% at an All-in bet gives 8 cases of losing $ 1 and 2 cases of winning $ 10 out of every 10 draws. Thus, the expected value of such a move is $ 12.

As you can see, the strategy is not complicated and can be easily mastered even by novice players. At the same time, the strategy is effective regardless of the professionalism of the opponents and is especially successful against players with a large stack. The only thing that an experienced opponent can oppose to this strategy is to reduce the size of the winnings, but there are not very many such players at the micro-limits.

Poker strategy with an average stack (more than 40 BB)

Here, the work is based on the cheapest opportunity to open the flop cards and play the hand depending on the cards that came.

The player needs to have experience and prepared tactics for postflop play and eliminate typical mistakes for beginners, according to which more advanced opponents determine the level of training and take measures.

Deep Stack Strategy (100 BB)

BSS strategy is designed to maximize profits from the game and is based on deep knowledge of poker mathematics and competent post-flop game.

Such a game is impossible without the knowledge and possession of tactics of poker, as well as ways to counter a similar tactical set of opponents.

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