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Best Video Poker odds

Video poker in online casinos is becoming more and more popular. The game is based on traditional five-card poker. It was created when casino administrators realized how easy it is to play the game from a screen connected to a computer. This happened around the mid-1970s when the first home computers became more common.

People immediately liked the idea, supported it, and it quickly gained a lot of popularity among casino players. The game concept is basically the same as in real poker games, except that the stakes are relatively low compared to real poker. The player places a coin or chip in the machine and presses a button to start the distribution. However, the fact that the best Video Poker odds can reach even 100 %(!) impresses players more.

Best Video Poker odds — which apps have them?

This game is known for its high payout percentage, and the monetary value of each round is always determined by the coin’s value and the level of bets. For example, at a full bet, a round will always cost 5 coins, and the price is adjusted according to the bankroll by simply changing the value of the coin. In the cheapest variant, the gambler can play with a maximum bet of € 0.25 per round.

Skilled players know that there are many different versions of Video Poker from many game manufacturers. Practice teaches and the internet is full of amazing games that can be played for free with play money. Having learned the plot of the game, the casino user can continue playing for real money in order to make a profit. One of the biggest advantages of Video Poker is that it is the most profitable slot for the gamer when he knows the strategy of the card game well and thus, the player can get a decent amount of money by placing a small bet. However, what are the best Video Poker odds in different slots of gaming software providers?

  • Deuces Wild app, Video Poker with best odds — up to 100%;
  • Jacks or Better — 99.54%;
  • Bonus Poker — 99.17%;
  • Loose Deuces Wild — 99.2%.

If the player wins, he immediately receives his winnings. Video poker is also one of the best games that casinos have to offer when it comes to odds of winning.

Video Poker odds calculator

The most respected online casinos allow players to compare different games of this type, get familiar with them without risking play money, learning about the best Video Poker odds, and even using a special calculator for it. Today, Wizard of Odds Analyzer is considered the best Poker odds calculator. It is simple, free, can be used online (no downloading is needed). Another good tool to use for odds calculations is Video Poker Trainer calculator. It works like this — the user selects the game he plays and the cards (5 of them) he has at hand. Clicking a button called “Process”, he gets the expected result.

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