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3 card poker and how to play it

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3 card poker and how to play it

This type of poker is extremely popular among players. It is certainly of the types of poker that guarantees plenty of fun whilst playing it as well as it is very easy to learn. For that reason, the game has become very popular among beginners as people can easily get to grips with the rules in about five minutes. 3 card poker rules are relatively simple and very easy to be understood.

The simplicity is hidden in the actual objective of the game. All that a player has to do is to make poker hand come to fruition and be possible with only three cards in hand. The trick is also based on the fact that you will have to make a win not only against the dealer but also depended on how good your three cards are. This is why 3 card poker is very popular and poker hands can be obtained pretty easily.

How to play 3 card poker online

  1. There are two ways to play: Anti Play and Pair Plus or both. In Anti Play a payer places a wager on triangular ante space. In Pair plus a wager has to be placed on circular Pair plus space. Afterwards, a dealer gives each player and himself three cards being faced down. Then, you can have a look at the cards.
  2. In Pair Plus you will not do anything else. In Anti Play you will have to decide whether you are about to fold or to play. If you play, then make a bet equal to the ante that you have. It never can be larger or smaller than actual ante that you have in hands because this is one of the main rules of how to play 3 card poker.
  3. The size has to be equal. If a bet has been made and you have a winner by playing Pair Plus, then the cards will have to be placed down next to your bet. If you do not have Pair Plus and you don’t make play bet, simply let the dealer know that you are folding and place your cards next to your bet.
  4. If you are folding and have seen your cards, the dealer will remove them. Whether you play or fold everybody open their cards. The dealer’s hand is the Queen or higher. If the dealer’s hand Jack or lower he does not play. In all circumstances in 3 card poker a player must outrank the dealer.

Hands ranking

  • There are could be the following cards ranking and the results that come with it:
  • Dealer hand: Queen, 3 and 2 of different suites. Player hand: King, 8 and 6 of different suites. The result: dealer qualifies whereas player wins on ante and play bets due to higher ranking.
  • Dealer hands: Jack, 10, 8 of different suits. Player hands: 9,7,3 different suites. The result is dealer doesn’t qualify whereas the player wins even bets on ante, keeps play the bet.
  • Dealer hands: 2,2,3 of different suits. Player hands: Ace, King, 5 different suites. The result is dealer qualifies and has higher ranking, so he plays bets and takes player’s ante.
  • Dealer hands: 2,2,3 of different suits. Player hands: Jack, 9, 5 hearts. The result is dealer qualifies and the player flushes outrank on the dealer’s pair. The player makes a win in 3 card poker and collects all money from play bets, side bets and ante.

3 card poker strategy

In order to succeed a player has to employ a viable 3 card poker strategy. Here are some strategies that will work out well for almost any player:

  • In case if your second highest card is seven or higher, you should bet on the Queen high hand. It makes no much difference what your third card is.
  • If your second highest card is six as well as third two or three then you should fold Queen high hand.
  • If your second highest card is six as well as the third card is four or five then make a bet on Queen high hand.

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